Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : Where Do I go to find the latest updates from smartronics
All Major Updates will be posted on the official smartronics Corporate Website as well as the Official smartronics Facebook Page. Updates on smartronics Facebook will occur more frequently.
Q2 : What do I do if a non-removable battery malfunctions
Contact your local service center and the IT personnel can replace it for you. Do not try to remove or replace the battery yourself
Q3 : Cannot send or receive text messages.
Possible Cause:
1. Error message center number
SMS -> SMS Settings -> Message center number, check if the message center number is correct; if you do not know the correct message center number, contact your local service provider for the “message center number”
2. Overdue phone bill
3. Phone malfunction

Contact your local smartronics service centers for proper assistance

Q4 : How to use voice mail
Voicemail is a value-added service by your carrier. Contact your local carrier and open the service, a voice mailbox number will be provided, enter the number into the voice mailbox editor. To receive a message, you can access your voicemail, select “Connect to voice mail”, the phone will automatically connect to the operator to set the voice mail and listen to the message.
Q5 : Cannot send or receive MMS
Possible causes: SIM card does not support WAP, phone does not support GPRS
1. Contact your local carrier to see if WAP or GPRS is supported in your area
2. Check the phone setting or restore to factory settings
3. Contact your local service centers
Q6 : Cannot open MMS
Possible Causes:
1. Received file format is not supported by the phone
2. MMS content is larger than the phone memory. Try sending a plain text MMS to determine whether the phone support the file format
Q7 : An envelope with a P or a globe is displayed on the phone
This is a PUSH message. There are 2 ways to receive the message depending on your phone.
1. Internet – Browser > PUSH Inbox
2. Text message > PUSH inbox
To view this information, press and a link will open up. (Internet charges may apply).
If you do not wish to see the message, empty the contents of the PUSH inbox and the icon on the display will disappear. If you do not wish to receive any PUSH messages, in the browser under Settings > PUSH Inbox > inbox settings > receive PUSH message – select “No”
Q8 : How to synchronous songs and lyrics
The phone must support lyrics display and meet the following conditions
1. The lyrics are in LRC format
2. The song and lyrics have the exact same file name (excluding extensions)
3. Lyrics and song file are in the same folder
In the “List” settings, turn on “synchronize lyrics display”. Turn on the Music Player to see the lyrics.
Q9 : Echo during phone calls
Possible Cause
1. The network
2. The other phone
3. Machine malfunctions.
Call a few times to different phones to determine where the problem lies. If the problem lies in your phone, contact your local smartronics service provider.
Q10 : Cannot play downloaded movie, shows does not support this format
Phone movie file format must comply with the requirements and parameters of the phones before they can play properly. For your phone’s specifications, refer to the phone handbook. A format conversion tool can be used to convert the file to meet the requirements of your phone.
Q11 : Photos cannot be saved to the TF card, shows there is no memory card
Make sure a TF card is inserted; check in the camera settings to see if photos are set to be saved in the TF card.
* Phone needs to be restarted after inserting a TF card
If everything is normal, this could be due to a faulty TF card or phone contact failure. Contact your local service center for proper assistance.
Q12 : Need to manual play each song
Enter the playback interface. Options > Settings > Repeat, select “All”
Q13 : Songs do not play in order
Enter the playback interface, from Options >Settings turn random to “OFF”
Q14 : Cannot adjust focal length
Photos that are set to maximum size cannot adjust the focal length. Under other dimensions, focal length can be adjusted by adjusting the navigation key up and down.
Q15 : Photos are not clear
Possible causes:
1. Dirty Protective film
2. Dirty or scratched Camera lens glass
3. Phone problems. Contact your local service center for proper assistance
Q16 : Frequent network connection failure
Possible Causes:
1. Network reason
Move around your phone; if you are calling from inside a building, walk to a window. If you continue to experience weak signals in a given area, it may be caused by a lack of network coverage.
2. Phone
Contact your local smartronics service center for proper assistance.